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QOUDRAH - قُدْرَة


Literally: Power. Might. Ability. Means. Omnipotence.

All-encompassing power of Allah.

As a term of ‘Ilm al-Kalâm: One of the essential, azalî and eternal attributes of Allah (‘Azza wa jalla) that dominates all the universe.


“His Qoudrah, ‘Ilm, And Irâdah (jalla jalâluhu) are like the light of the sun, وَ لِلّٰهِ الْمَثَلُ اْلاَعْلٰى they embrace everything and encompass all matters. They cannot be restricted or be compared with anything. Just as they look to the vastest things, like the ‘arsh, so they look to the smallest, like a particle. And just as they create the sun and moon, so they create the eyes of the flea and gnat. And just as they lay down the elevated order of the universe, so they place a fine order in the guts of microscopic organisms. And just as they bind together the celestial bodies and stars, suspended [in space] by that law of His known as gravity, so they order minute particles through a similar law, as infinitesimal samples of them. It is through the intervention of impotence that different degrees occur in qoudrah. So all things are equal in the face of the Qoudrah of the One for whom impotence is impossible. For impotence is the opposite of Qoudrah.” Signs of Miraculousness ( 83 )



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