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RUBÛBIYYAH  - ربوبية


All-encompassing tarbiyyah, dominion, ownership, sustaining of Ar-Rabb, which are everywhere at all times. That is Ilahî Rubûbiyyah gives a form to every living and unliving creature which is proper to their purpose of creation; marks a perfection-point to them; gives an inclination to them to reach that point; upbrings them to that perfection by employing them to follow their laws of fitrah. Ilahî Rubûbiyyah does tarbiyyah and employs all universe with the great Sharî’ah of fitrah and does tarbiyyah mankind with well-known Sharî’ah in the same way.


“Rabb رَبِّ

That is, He who raises and tarbiyyah al-‘âlam with all its component parts, each of which is an ‘âlam like the greater ‘âlam, with all its atoms, like its stars dispersed, in motion, in order.

Know that Allah ‘Azza wa jalla appointed for everything a point of perfection and deposited in each an inclination towards it, as though commanding it in a ma’nawî manner through this inclination to set out for the point of perfection. In its journey, each thing stands in need of what will help it and what will repulse the things that hinder it, and this is the tarbiyyah of ‘Azza wa jalla. If you study the universe, you will see that it resembles human groups and nations, with each individually and collectively employed in the duties its Sâni’ has appointed for it, striving diligently, obeying the laws of its Khâliq. How surprising therefore is man, in his being an exception!”  Signs of Miraculousness ( 24 )


“Since As-Sâni’ Al-Hakîm has specified for everything a suitable point of perfection and an appropriate level of the faydh of existence, by giving everything a disposition that will strive to reach that point of perfection, He drives them towards it. This ‘Law of Rubûbiyyah’ is in force in all plants and animals, as it is in inanimate beings, in which it promotes plain earth to the rank of diamonds and to the level of priceless jewels. Within this haqiqah, the tip of a mighty ‘Law of Rubûbiyyah’ is apparent.” The Words ( 579 )



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