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SHAFÎ’ - شفيع


An intercessor. One who helps for the forgiveness of the faults and sins.


“The effect of du'â is great. Especially if the du'â gains universality and persists, it almost always has a result, indeed, its result is continuous. It may even be said that one of the reasons for the creation of al-‘âlam is du'â. That is, after the creation of the universe, the du'â of chiefly mankind, and of them principally the Islamic world, and the sublime du'â of Muhammad the Arabian ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm as the leader of the Islamic world were a cause of it being created. That is, Al-Khâliq of al-‘âlam knew that in the future Muhammad (asm) would ask for eternal happiness and for a manifestation of the Ilahî Names in the name of mankind, indeed, on account of all beings, and He accepted that future du'â and created the universe.

Since du'â possesses this great importance and extensiveness, is it at all possible that the du'âs offered all the time for one thousand three hundred and fifty years by three hundred million of mankind and by uncountable numbers of blessed beings from among men, jinn, malâikah, and rûh beings for all-encompassing Ilahî rahmah, eternal happiness, and the accomplishment of the aim regarding the Person of Muhammad ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm would not be accepted? Is it in any way possible that their du'âs would be rejected?

Since these du'âs have acquired universality, extensiveness, and continuousness to this extent and have reached the level of the language of latent ability and fitrî need, for sure, as a result of the du'â, the Person of Muhammad the Arabian ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm is at such a rank and degree that if all minds were to gather together and become one mind, it could not completely comprehend the haqiqah of that rank.

And so, O Muslims! The shafî’ you have on the Day of Resurrection is thus; in order to attract the shafâ’ah of this shafî’ towards yourselves, follow his Sunnah!...” The Letters ( 354-355 )


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