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SHAHÂDAH – شهادة


Literally: A seeing. A witnessing fact or hearing words spoken. Eyewitness. Auricular evidence. A bearing witness; testimony, evidence. Also, the information given in words. A being present and perceptible. Perception. Perceptibility. Dying as a martyr. Martyrdom.

A declaration of îmân in the fundamental points of îmân in Islam by word.


Calamities are the result of crimes and the commencement of rewards. What action of yours has caused qadar to judge you in this way, that it has decreed this calamity?1 General calamities are the consequence of the mistakes of the majority. What are your present rewards?

I replied: Its introduction is our negligence in three of the important pillars of Islam. Salâh, sawm and zakat. For Khâliq Taâ’lâ requested from us only one out of twenty-four hours to perform the five daily salâh. We were lazy. With difficulty and provocation, it made us perform a type of salâh by working twenty-four hours for five years. Also, it requested from our nafs the sawm of only one month within a year. We pitied our nafs. So it made us hold sawm for five years as kaffârah. From the wealth it bestowed on us, it requested only one out of ten or one out of forty as zakat. We became stingy and did dhulm. So it took away from us accumulated zakat.

اَلْجَزَاءُ مِنْ جِنْسِ الْعَمَلِ

As for our present reward; from a fâsiq and sinful nation, it raised a fifth, which is four million people, to the level of walâyah by giving them the rank of ghazi and shahîd. This general calamity arising out of the mistake of the majority wiped away that past sin.

Someone from the assembly asked: What if people have been dragged into this disaster due to the personal mistakes of the leader?

I replied: someone who is the victim of a calamity will expect a reward. They will either receive the good deeds of the leader (which is worth nothing) who has committed the mistake, or they will be rewarded by the treasury of the ghayb. The reward given from the treasury of the ghayb for such matters is the level of shahâdah and ghazi. ” Biography – 141-142


1 (The defeat of Islamic Ottoman armies by the armies of Europe at the First World War)

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