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TAWÂFUQ – توافق


Literally: A being or becoming in agreement with one another. An agreement, correspondence. Numbers' having a common measure greater than unity; commensurability.

The concurrence of events or circumstances due to the ordering of Allah on purpose by His Irâdah and intention. Unlike the coincidence in the point of view of a Naturalist, Materialist ideology, behind the tawâfuq there is an Orderer, Doer and Chooser by His ‘Ilm and Irâdah. For example the meaningful order with hikmah that we observe in the creations and the events of the universe;  while scribing the Qur’an or a valuable religious work’s sacred words, their being arrayed on or the unintentional correspondence of letters or words in lines on one or several pages.

For further details and explanation, please refer to the compilation of Tawâfuq-1-2-3.


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