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TAWHÎD AL-HAQÎQÎ - توحيد الحقيقي


Literally: Oneness. Unity.

It declares absolute monotheism: The unity and uniqueness of Allah as the creator and sustainer of the universe. To believe that there is no Ilah But Allah (‘Azza wa jalla). To know, understand and accept that there is no effect and dominance of anything, anywhere, and acting upon that idea and belief. To repeat the statement of tawhîd, which is  لاَ اِلهَ اِلاَّ اللّٰهُ .

The statement of tawhîd is repeated in these âyahs of Qur’an: (37:359) (47:19)

Tawhîd is the opposite of Shirk.

Haqîqî: Truth. Belonging to haqiqah. Reality.

Tawhîd al-haqîqî: Real and true Tawhîd. Steady and unshakable tawhîd, which is attained by the proofs present in each creature pertaining to Allah’s existence, oneness and His having no sharik.


 There are two sorts of tawhîd:

First is tawhîd al-‘âmî that it says: “There is no sharik of Allah; the universe does not belong to someone else.” In the thought of the owner of such tawhîd, ghaflah and dhalâlah can penetrate.

Second is tawhîd al-haqîqî that it says: “Allah is One. Sovereignty, dominion, universe and everything belong to Him.” and sees His seal on everything and reads His stamp on all things. This sort of tawhîd establishes a confirmation with hudhur in that man. Dhalâlah and wahm cannot penetrate in this sort of tawhîd.

 Al-Mathnawî Al-Nûrî (23)

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