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ULÛHIYYAH - اُلوهية


The nature and essence of Allah. Deity. Divinity. Being Ilah.

One of the attributes of Allah Who is performed ‘ibâdah to. With the perfect dominance and possession of Allah all over the universe, the act of causing everything to perform ‘ibâdah and obey Him.


“THE FIRST HAQIQAH is Absolute Ulûhiyyah

Yes, the occupation of each class of mankind by a sort of ‘ibâdah in a fitrî manner; equivalency of the fitrî services of other animate beings as well as inanimate beings’ to a kind of ‘ibâdah; by a ma’bûdiyyah, each material and ma’nawî ni’mah and favour in the universe becoming the means to shukr and worship which are the causes of performing hamd and ‘ibâdah; proclamation of the ma’bûdiyyah of one single Ilah by all the manifestations of the ghayb and  ma’nawî manifestations like wahy and ilham, certainly and clearly proves true existence and dominance of an absolute Ulûhiyyah. Since such a haqiqah of Ulûhiyyah exists, it can in no way accept partnership. For those who respond to Ulûhiyyah -that is Ma’bûdiyyah- with shukr and ‘ibâdah, are the conscious fruits on the furthest branches of the tree of the universe; and turning those conscious beings’ faces towards them through satisfying and causing them to be grateful and making them forget their True Ma’bûd Who can be made to be forgotten swiftly due to his invisibility; this is such a contradiction to the essence of Ulûhiyyah and its sacred purpose that He can in no way allow. It is for this reason that the Qur'an repeatedly and with such vehemence refutes shirk and threatens the mushriks with Jahannam.” 7th. Ray/2nd Chapter/1st Stopping Place.

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