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Plural of the word شأن   (Sha’n) which is never used in Turkish with its Arabic pronunciation or meaning.

Literally: Things. Matters. Affairs. States. Conditions. Occurrences. Works. Acts. Functions. Abilities. Qualities. Commands. Intents. Honour. Glory. Majesty. A thing's attributes, consequents and works becoming apparent by action.

As an Islamic term: The sacred qualities of the Essence of Allah which are present in His exalted attributes and which urge them to manifest. Allah’s sacred states, conditions, commands, intents, purposes, abilities, acts...

For example: 

Ar-Rahîm is a Name of Allah. And rahîmiyyah (being merciful) befits Allah’s station and dignity. Through His Rahmah, He wills to bestow ni’mah to beings, and through His Qoudrah, He creates the things they need. To show rahmah and rahîmiyyah are the shuûn of Allah, and Iradâh and Qoudrah are His attributes.

Al-Khâliq (Creator) is a Name of Allah. And khâliqiyyah (being the creator) is His shuûn. That is to say, being the creator befits His station and dignity. When He willed to create, His attributes like ‘Ilm, Iradâh and Qoudrah follows this will (Iradâh) and the act of creation is executed. Hence the Name of Khâliq manifests on that creature.

Ar-Rabb is a Name of Allah which means the One who renders tarbiyyah. Rubûbiyyah, which means being the One who renders tarbiyyah, befits His station and dignity. The act of tarbiyyah is executed through His attributes like ‘Ilm, Iradâh and Qoudrah when He wills so. Hence the Name of Rabb manifests on that being.

Comparisons may be made to the number of the Names of Allah. Each Name emerges from the shuûn of Allah. The order of “The Essence (Dhât), the shuûn and the attribute” is present in the Risale-i Nur. Because it is shuûn what urge the attributes to action.

For further explanation please refer to the compilation of Shuûn.


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