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FADL – فضل


Literally: Excess. Abundance. A remnant, leavings. A gift.

Allah's grace, mercy and favour. Munificence. The superiority which is given by Allah as mercy and favour. ‘Ilm. Ma’rifat. Îmân. Virtue. Essentials of the fadl are îmân, hikmah, shajâ’ah and ‘iffah.


Thus, O ghâfil man! Look to the fadl and generosity of Janâb-i Haqq! Although it is justice to record one evil as a thousand and a single good deed as one or not at all, He records a single evil as one, and a single good deed as ten, and sometimes as seventy or seven hundred, or even sometimes as seven thousand. Also understand from this subtle point that entering into such dreadful Jahannam is retribution for the deed and pure justice while entering into Jannah is pure fadl.

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