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The word jihâd stems from the Arabic root of the word جَهْد Jahd, ( ج ه د J-H-D), which means strive. The words effort and labour are also derived from this root.

A doing one's best. Striving to the utmost. One's best endeavour.

In fiqh: A fighting to protect or to advance the faith of Islam. Holy warfare.

The lesser jihâd: Warfare with carnal weapons against the enemies of Islam.

The greater jihâd (Jihâd al-akbar): The struggle in one's own heart to reduce it to a meek submission to the Ilahî ordinances. Labour for repelling the inclinations of nafs and the shaytans among human and jinn.

Striving on the way of Allah by ‘ilm and îmân, by the words and the actions. Labouring and striving to the reinforcement of îmân and protecting the pillars and the fundamentals of îmân. The labour for protecting the ordinances of the Sharî’ah, repelling kufr al-mutlaq and the fitnah of kâfirs. Jihâd is ma’nawî and not material for a Muslim, who has no official duty in this age.


“Our salvation from the disgraceful tyranny of the nafs al-ammarah is; through relying on Islam; by clenching on to that habl al-matîn; by truly benefiting from the rightful freedom; and through seeking help from îmân. For it is expected that one who is truly an ‘abd and servant of As-Sâni’ of al-‘âlam, will not condescend to ‘ubûdiyyah His creatures. Since everyone is a commander of their own ‘âlam, they are charged with the greater jihâd (of the nafs) in their smaller ‘âlam and are assigned to embody the morals of Ahmad (asm), and to revive the Sunnah of the Prophet.” Biography ( 63 )


“For these abilities and potentialities to develop, action is required, a transaction is necessary. The action of the mechanism of progress in such a transaction is brought about through jihâd. And jihâd occurs through the existence of shaytans and harmful things. Otherwise, man's station would have been constant like that of the malâikah.” The Flashes ( 104 )


“In the same way, through jihâd against the nafs and shaytan, the benefit, honour and value which is given to mankind due to the ten perfect men like stars who enlightened and honoured the human species, indeed make unnoticeable and reduce to nothing the harm which is given to mankind through the people of dhalâlah embracing kufr who are base as to be thought of as vermin. Since this is so, Ilahî rahmah, hikmah and justice have permitted the existence of shaytan and allowed him to pester men.

O people of îmân! Your armour against these awesome enemies is the taqwâ made on the workbench of the Qur'an. And your shield is the Sunnah as-Saniyyah of Ar-Rasûl Al-Akram ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm. And your weapon is isti’âdha and istighfâr and taking refuge in Ilahî protection.” The Thirteenth Flash-2nd Indication


For the malâikah, there is no endeavour1 and progress; they all have their fixed station and determined rank, and receive a particular pleasure from the work itself and a faydh from their ‘ibâdah.” The Words ( 362 )


Question: Why is it that the people of hidâyah, who are Hizb Allah2 , are so often defeated by the people of dhalâlah, who are Hizb ash-shaytan3 , despite Fakhr al-‘Âlam4 ‘Alayhissalâtu Wassalâm being at their head and their receiving so much Ilahî ‘inâyah and rahmah and assistance of Subhân? What was the reason for the munâfiqs of Medina insisting on dhalâlah and their not embracing hidâyah, despite being close to the brilliant sun-like nubuwwah and messengerhood of the Khatam al-Anbiya5 , effective ma’nawî guidance by the mean of the miraculousness of Qur’an like a great elixir and with the contiguity of the Qur'anic haqiqahs, which are more captivating than the universal laws of attraction?

The Answer: It is necessary to explain a profound principle in order to solve the two parts of this awesome question. It is like this:

Al-Khâliq Zuljalâl of the universe has two sorts of Names, those pertaining to His Jalâl and those pertaining to His Jamâl. Since these Names require to demonstrate their decrees through different manifestations, Al-Khâliq Zuljalâl blended together opposites in the universe. Bringing them face to face, he gave them aggressive and defensive positions, in the form of a sort of beneficial contest with hikmah. Through making the opposites transgress one another's bound, He brought conflict and change into being, and made the universe subject to the law of change and transformation and the principles of progress and advancement. In humankind, the comprehensive fruit of the tree of creation, he made that law of contest in even stranger form, and opening the door to jihâd, which would be the means of all human progress, He gave Hizb ash-shaytan certain faculties with which to be able to challenge Hizb Allah.

It is because of this subtle mystery that the prophets were often defeated before the people of dhalâlah. And the people of dhalâlah, who are extremely weak and impotent, temporarily triumph over the people of haqq, who are extremely strong in a ma’nawî manner, and struggle against them.”  The 13th Flash-9th Indication


We have been members of the Muhammadan Union since Qalû Balâ6

What unites us is Tawhîd. Our oath and pledge are îmân. Since we declare Tawhîd, we are united. Each mu’min is charged with I’lâ Kalimatullah7 , for which in this age, its most important means is dependant upon material progress. For the Foreigners are crushing us with their ma’nawî tyranny through the weapons of science and industry. So with the weapons of sciences and industry, we will wage jihâd against ignorance, poverty and conflict, which are the most fearsome enemies of I’lâ Kalimatullah. As for external jihâd, we will leave that to the diamond swords of the decisive proofs of the illustrious Sharî’ah. Because victory over the civilised is achieved through the persuasion. It is not by force, like savages who do not use their reason. We are devotees of love. We do not have time for animosity.

As for constitutionalism, it consists of justice, mutual consultation (mashwarah) and restricting power to rest with the law. Since the illustrious Sharî’ah was founded thirteen centuries ago, to beg before Europe in regard to legal judgements but a great crime against the religion of Islam. And it is like directing yourself towards the North when performing the salâh.

Power should reside in the law. Otherwise, despotism will spread. It is اِنَّ اللّهَ هُوَ الْقَوِىُّ الْمَتِينُ   that should govern and direct the conscience.

And that should occur through complete ma’rifat and widespread civilisation, or in the name of the religion of Islam. Otherwise, despotism will always prevail. To achieve unity is through hidâyah, not through fancy and desire. People have become free, yet they are still the ‘abds of Allah. Everything has become unrestricted. The mistake of others, cannot justify a person's own mistakes. Despair is the obstacle of all perfection. It is the souvenir of despotism to say "What is it to me, let someone else think about it". Biography-64


1 Jihâd with nafs and shaytan

2 (Allah’s party)

3 (Shaytan’s party)

4 (the Glory of ‘âlam)

5 (Seal of the Prophets)

6 (see, Qur'an, 7:172)

7 (Upholding the word of Allah)

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