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DHALÂLAH - ضلالة


Literally: An error. The state of being astray or lost.

As an Islamic term: Deviating from îmân and Islam. Going astray from the way of Islam, haqq and haqiqah. Any deviation from as-sirât al-mustaqîm. Being rebellious towards Allah. Falling into bid'ahs. Deviating from tawhid, which is the istiqâmah of belief. Dhalâlah makes its owner a kâfir even if he claims to be a Muslim and accepts the pillars of îmân.

Dhalâlah is the opposite of hidâyah.

(Please refer to 11th Flash-The Risale on Sunnah As-Saniyyah, The 23rd Flash-The Risale on Nature and Conclusion of The 23rd Flash)


Yes, since, by the agreement of both friend and foe, the person of Ahmad (asm) is the place of manifestation for the highest degrees of moral virtues; and since, by unanimity, he is the most famous and distinguished individual in mankind; and since, through the indication of thousands of miracles, the testimony of the world of Islam he established and its perfections and with the affirmation of the haqiqahs of Al-Qur’an Al-Hakîm, in which he is the herald and interpreter, he is the most excellent perfect man and most excellent murshid; and since, through the fruit of following him, millions of the people of perfection have advanced in the degrees of attainment and perfection and reached the happiness of both worlds; the Sunnah and actions of that person certainly are the finest examples to be followed, the soundest guides and the firmest laws to be taken as principles. Happy is the one whose share of following the Sunnah is great. One who does not follow the Sunnah, if it is due to laziness, it is a great loss; if he considers it unimportant, it is a great crime; the criticism, which reeks of pronouncing it to be false, is a great dhalâlah.

 The Eleventh Flash- 11th Subtle Point

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